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IEEE International Symposium on Antennas and Propagation and USNC-URSI Radio Science Meeting

July 23–28, 2023 • Portland, Oregon, USA

23-28 July 2023 • Portland, Oregon, USA


23-28 July 2023 • Portland, Oregon, USA

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    Booth 311

    Accurate Circuit Engineering is an AS9100, ITAR and Mil-Spec certified manufacturer of high-tech Prototype PCBs. We are industry leaders in hi-speed, RF, Microwave and Antenna PCBs. With lead-times as fast as 24 hours, we offer expert manufacturing and assembly at lightning speed. A one stop solution where quality is job one.

    Contact: James Hofer, GM

    AGC Multi Material America, Inc.

    Booth 206

    AGC Multi Material America, Inc. develops and manufactures high speed digital and RF/microwave materials for the Military/Aerospace, Automotive, Information and Communication Technology, and Semiconductor markets. Specialty materials also focus on high speed flexible interconnects to replace coaxial cables and HDI buildup for fine pitch semiconductor routing.

    Contact: Brent Mayfield, RF Business Development Manager – Technical Sales


    Booth 102

    Altair transforms design and decision making by applying simulation, ML and optimization throughout product lifecycles. Altair provides EM software to solve a broad range of electromagnetic problems from static and low frequency to all high frequency electromagnetic effects, independent of size, materials, or geometrical complexity. Industry sectors include aerospace, defense, automotive, communications, consumer electronics, energy and healthcare industries and applications range from antenna design/placement/de-coupling and electromagnetic compatibility to propagation modelling & network planning and special solutions for e.g. cable harness modelling, integrated windscreen antennas, or radomes. To learn more visit https://www.altair.com/electromagnetics-applications/

    Contact: Darius Fadanelli, Director of Academic Outreach

    ETS-Lindgren Inc.

    Booth 100

    ETS-Lindgren offers innovative EMC, Wireless, RF and Microwave test systems, including far-field, near-field, and compact range chambers for RCS and antenna measurement testing. Quality components include RF and Microwave absorber, multi-axis positioners, high performance antennas in standard and custom designs, among others. Wireless Systems enable 5G, OTA, MIMO, and CATR testing of mobile and mmWave devices featuring EMQuest™ software for fully automated antenna pattern measurement for passive antennas and active wireless devices. Services include calibration at our A2LA accredited lab and wireless testing at our CTIA Authorized Test Lab (CATL).

    Contact: Rhonda Rodriguez, Global MarCom Manager

    IMST GmbH

    Booth 201

    IMST GmbH is a development centre for customer-specific radio technology and microelectronic systems. Over130 highly qualified engineers develop integrated circuits, hybrid modules and systems, radio modules, antennas, micro-controller circuits, embedded systems and 3D-EM simulation software. We guide our customers from the first product idea all the way to the finished system. In order to always keep our extensive know-how in the various radio technologies up to date, IMST GmbH successfully participates in many public funding projects (national, EU, ESA). IMST – a one-stop shop bundling competencies from feasibility analysis to the start of production!

    Contact: Meike Kaplan, Marketing


    Booth 209

    The MATLAB and Simulink product families are fundamental applied math and computational tools adopted by more than 6,500 universities and colleges. MathWorks products help prepare students for careers in industry, where the tools are widely used for data analysis, mathematical modeling, and algorithm development in collaborative research and new product development.

    Contact: Chris Andreotes, Marketing


    Booth 609

    MilliBox is a product line of mmWave and THz phased array antenna testing systems based in San Jose, California, launched by mmWave IC pioneers Chinh Doan and Jeanmarc Laurent in 2018. With over 200 setups installed worldwide, MilliBox established itself as the leader in benchtop Over-The-Air mmWave antenna test solutions. MilliBox products are all carefully designed and responsibly manufactured in the USA. For more information millibox@milliwavess.com

    Contact: Jeanmarc Laurent, Vice President

    MVG - Microwave Vision Group

    Booth 607

    MVG offers a full range of measurement solutions for antenna, RCS, radome, and EMC/EMI testing, and wireless device certification. Our one-stop-shop product portfolio includes multi-probe arrays, PNF scanners, compact ranges, anechoic chambers, antennas, software, positioning equipment, and RF absorbers. We also offer measurement services, integrated project management, and customer care worldwide. MVG brings together more than 35 years’ experience in microwave testing technology from 4 industry leaders: SATIMO, ORBIT/FR, AEMI and Rainford EMC Systems. We are dedicated to supporting the Aerospace and Defense, Satellite, Telecom, and Automotive industries and well as academic R&D.

    Contact: Carmel Petersen, Carmel Petersen, Marketing Manager

    Remcom, Inc.

    Booth 500

    Remcom provides electromagnetic simulation and site-specific radio propagation software for analyzing complex EM problems and antenna propagation. We empower design engineers with unique solutions for navigating today's rapidly changing technologies. Our products simplify EM analysis for a wide variety of applications including antenna design and placement, 5G MIMO, mobile device design, biomedical and SAR validation, microwave devices and waveguides, radar/scattering, automotive radar, outdoor and indoor mmWave planning, and more.

    Contact: Tarun Chawla, Sales Director

    Rogers Corporation

    Booth 108

    Rogers Corporation offers an industry leading portfolio of material solutions for antenna applications. From leading RO4730G3™ copper clad laminates to new material platforms like Radix™ 3D printing resins and MAGTREX® magneto-dielectric materials, Rogers Corporation offers a broad and diverse portfolio of solutions and capabilities for the antenna designer.

    Contact: Sheryl Long, Sr. Marcom Manager

    TMY Technology Inc.

    Booth 509

    TMY Technology, Inc. (TMYTEK) is an innovator and a game-changer that delivers the breakthroughs of millimeter-wave solutions in 5G/B5G and satellite communication applications to worldwide clients. As a leading technology developer, TMYTEK enables people’s everyday life with better connectivity from our clients’ products. By transforming the mmWave RF frontend with innovative devices, implementing phased arrays with modern Antenna-in-Package (AiP) technology, and redefining the OTA testing methodology, TMYTEK empowers industrial inventions to market faster. Together with our global partners and allies, we make historical firsts and positively impact society.

    Contact: Ariel Chiang, Marketing Specialist

    WIPL-D d.o.o.

    Booth 106

    WIPL-D software suite, with its flagship software products WIPL-D Pro and WIPL-D Pro CAD, enables users worldwide to perform fast and accurate high-frequency simulations in a wide area of antennas and MW circuits design, antenna arrays and radome, RCS, EMC, antenna placement... WIPL-D’s team of skilled and experienced engineers can assist you to meet the project’s goals in time and within budget. All customers are welcome to join forces with the technical support team to get the most from WIPL-D software. Registered users have access to a free 30-day trial.

    Contact: Sladjana Vukajlovic, Sales & Marketing Engineer